── Ferrari F355 ──

83.900,- € TTC

Constructeur Ferrari
Modèle F355
Couleur Rouge
Motorisaton GTB F1
Boite Auto
Energie Essence
Mise en circulation 20/11/1997
Puissance 381 ch ( 280 kW )
Kilométrage 57800 km
Norme EURO
CO2 g/km

── Description du véhicule ──

Ferrari F355 GTB F1

Car Delivered new in Belgium by Garage Francorchamps 15/11/1997
Ferrari Service Book
Ferrari Leather Document holder + all the books

Last Service including belts + F1 Gearbox disc cluth, etc... made 03/2017 by Ferrari specialist Winandy in Luxembourg for +- 12.000€
Last Oil Service 11/2018 + overall check-up.

Capristo Sport Exhaust installed by Ferrari specialist Officina 11/2018 + inox/stainless steel Exhaust Manifolds + many refurbished plastic parts like airco panel and air vents.
They have also installed a rear Challenge Grille for better look and a better air flow in the very hot engine bay.

DS322 Rosso Corsa Red with Black Leather and optional Red carpets.

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