── Bentley S3 ──

69.900,- € TVAC 57.769,- € HTVA

Constructeur Bentley
Modèle S3
Couleur Gris
Motorisaton Saloon - Airco
Cylindrée 6230 cc
Boite Auto
Energie Essence
Mise en circulation 15/09/1964
Puissance 200 ch ( 147 kW )
Kilométrage 87800 km
Norme EURO
CO2 g/km

── Description du véhicule ──

Bentley S3

Recently Serviced
Paint restored a few years ago at great expense (pictures available) + a lot of work on the body all around to make the car healthy.
Very good overall condition
Very pleasant to drive

Electric Windows
4 Speed automatic gearbox
Power Steering

The ride is very smooth and comfortable. You could drive this car everyday... except maybe when it rains because of the old fashion wipers ;-)

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