About Us.

Founded more than a decade ago, in 2007 in Belgium, Spirit of Legend Cars has already sold thousands of cars in Europe but also all around the world.

The company has always been driven by the passion of its founder Quentin Dewez. His father transmitted him his passion for classic cars and it has grown with the years for exclusive cars of all ages.

While passion is the main engine of Spirit of Legend Cars, important values such as respect and honesty are also part of its soul

Our clients have always been satisfied by our high level of commitment and the quality of our cars and service.

Please feel free to contact us and have a look at our stock. We prefer to take appointments with you when you want to come and see a car. That way we are certain to be available to discuss with you and take the necessary time for such an important moment.

Early on, at young age, my father passed his passion for automobiles on to me. I can still see myself playing with his miniature Alfa Romeo Montreal on the parquet flooring in our family home. As an adolescent and later on as young adult I would seize every opportunity to visit the motor show, in Belgium as well as abroad, for instance the Detroit or Geneva motor show or any other event where automobiles took center stage.
Therefore, it made great sense that I chose to turn my passion into a career.

I started out working for other prestige vehicle dealers before creating Spirit of Legends Cars in 2007.
Over the course of the years my passion did not fade and instead of playing with miniatures I now take great joy in working with 1:1 scale high end vehicles.
My passion lies in all high performance or prestige vehicles, but I must admit being particularly fond of the luxury pushed to its extremes by the Rolls Royce lineup, the symphony performed by Ferrari’s naturally aspirated V8’s and V12‘s, the distinguished and timeless elegance offered by Bentley as well as McLaren’s perfect balance between tradition and avant-gardism…

For my everyday vehicles, the practical often outweighs all other aspects when making long term purchases as my wife and I have two kids, but of course during weekday’s I may indulge in more selfish and lavish choices.
You only live once and I for one believe it’s important to live life to its fullest!


Quentin Dewez
Thierry Levêque